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January 2009

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Top 10 Countries
of Origin for
immigrants 2001-2006

1.  China 14%
2.  India 11.6%
3.  Philippines 7%
4.  Pakistan 5.2%
5.  USA  3.5%
6.  South Korea  3.2%
7.  Romania 2.5%
8.  Iran   2.3%
9.  England 2.3%
10. Columbia  1.9%

Source: Statistics Canada

January 2009

This family photo of Obama dated December 2003 was taken at his sister, Maya Soetoro-Ng's  wedding in Hawaii.  From left, we see Obama with his arms around Maya, his daughters Sasha and Malia, his grandmother, Madelyn Dunham, seated;  Joan and Howard Ng, (parents of Maya's husband, Konrad Ng), Konrad's brother  Perry Ng, and Michelle Obama.  A truly multicultural family, Konrad Ng is a Canadian Chinese from Burlington, Ontario who later moved to Hawaii.   Maya is Obama's half-sister, her father is an Indonesian.
January 18, 2009.   Bill McDonald, Executive Director of the Winnipeg Humane Society of Canada has written to Stephen Harper, Canada's Prime Minister, to offer a Labradoodle puppy to President-Elect Obama.  11 of these dogs were seized from a puppy mill in Manitoba, and they are ready for adoption next month.  The Obamas wanted a hypoallergenic dog and wanted to adopt a dog from a shelter.

The labradoodle is a mutt, another term for a mixed breed dog.  It is a cross between a Labrador and a poodle.  Very appropriate for Obama, who loves to call himself a "mutt".
January 17, 2009.   If you're wondering why your Filipino colleagues are going home this time of year, it is because they don't want to miss out on Sinulog.  Sinulog is an annual nine-day religious festival in Cebu, Philippines, comparable to carnivals in South America.   Its main celebrations take place over the third weekend in January with the main parade taking place on the final Sunday of that weekend. It is held in honour of St Nino and the atmosphere is electric with whole communities getting involved in the event with the build up to that final weekend. After a solemn procession and church services, Cebu's streets erupt into a blaze of colour, music and dance as revellers give themselves over to religious fervour. From the very young to the very old, everyone participates in the Sinulog dance creating a truly incredible atmosphere. Other events during the nine days include beauty pageants, cultural shows, food exhibitions and a fluvial parade. One of the biggest celebrations in Cebu, the event attracts revellers and religious devotees from all over the Philippines.   To find out more about Cebu, Philippines, click here.

FUN FACT:  Philippines rank third in the top 10 countires of origins for new Canadian immigrants from 2001- 2006 census.  China ranks first at 14% and India ranks second at 11.6%, Philippines came third at 7%.

New York, Jan. 15, 2009.    The Missionary Sisters of Sacred Heart (MSSH) in Manhattan has filed a complaint against a Filipino-American couple, Michael and Gloria Lim, (residents of the USA for 30 years) over a Filipino delicacy called tuyo (dried fish), and its funky cousin, the tinapa (smoked fish).  The case is now with the Manhattan Supreme Court.  Reports say Gloria was smoking fish outside her 16th floor apartment window when the smell floated throughout the Gramercy apartment building.

The “foul smell” was too strong the nuns suspected it was coming from a decomposing body and called in the Fire Department.  According to reports, the firemen searched every unit of the building and were able to trace the source of the smell to the Lims’ unit.   They knocked, and when no one came to the door, the NYFD came barreling in.  The tenants in the building are divided between those who defend the Filipinos' right to ethnic foods in their own home, and those who thought that the "foul smell" is damaging to one's life and health.

Is this a case of "RACISM"?  Send us your comments through our forum.

Weather in Vancouver finally warming after 3 weeks of snow

Vancouver, BC  January 9, 2009.   Vancouver weather is warming up finally after three weeks of snow.  From mid-December to the first week of January, ever since that first snow came in Dec. 14, 10 days before Christmas.... the snow just kept on coming.  In many areas, shovelled snow have turned to snow walls as high as 10 ft. tall, making it hard to find parking spaces.

Many Christmas events and dinner parties were cancelled due to the snow.  Stories circulated about car accidents, personal injuries from falls, heart attacks from strenuous snow shovelling, senior citizens shut-ins.

New Canadian immigrants are finding it hard to adjust to this unusually harsh winter conditions.  Here are some of the advices we get from our web visitors.   For tips on how to cope with snow from snow shovels, ice melting snow, proper shoes, etc., click
Chinese-Canadian Immigrants prepare to greet the Lunar New Year.

January 25 is the last day of the Lunar Year and January 26 is the Chinese Lunar New Year.  The New Year Festival celebration starts on the last week of January to the first week of February.  Most festivals will be held on February 1, Sunday.

Chinese New Year is the most important holidays of the Chinese. Chinese from all around the world will be celebrating the new year with parades and banquets.  Many Chinese-Canadian immigrants will be returning to their home country to visit relatives and join in the celebration. 

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This year is the Year of the Ox.   For more information about the Chinese New Year celebrations in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, click here

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US President-elect Barack Obama was born in August 4, 1961, the year of the Ox according to the Chinese Zodiac.   This year is definitely his year as he is about to be inaugurated the 44th President of the USA.    According to Wikipedia "The Ox is the sign of prosperity through fortitude and hard work. This powerful sign is a born leader, being quite dependable and possessing an innate ability to achieve great things. As one might guess, such people are dependable, calm, and modest. Like their animal namesake, the Ox is unswervingly patient, tireless in their work, and capable of enduring any amount of hardship without complaint. " ...(more)

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