Thank you for visiting the Canadian Immigrant Ezine.

This site is dedicated to all Canadian immigrants, whether you are planning to immigrate or have newly immigrated.  Our focus is to bring information, news, opinions, advice, tips on how to immigrate and how to integrate into Canadian Society. Whether you entered Canada as a student, tourist, self employed person, skilled professional or skilled worker, business investor, we have something that will interest you.

We also have a special section on Self-employment, which  is one of the fastest growing segment of Canadian economy.   More and more Canadians, native born or immigrants are choosing self-employment as their means of livelihood.Self-employed people, or entrepreneurs are an interesting group of people, as they have to rely on their imagination and wits to create something out of nothing.  We hope that this blog will reflect the enthusiasm, motivation and passion that goes into entrepreneurship.

If you, or someone you know  has an interesting story to tell, please feel free to write us, so we can share your story.

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