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BC skills training program

BC plans Skills to Jobs training program

The BC government is about to launch a 10 year “Skills to Jobs” skills training program to ensure that educational institutions are generating graduates with skills matching the labour market needs.

The BC government spend $7.5 billion each year on education and training.  While the total budget is expected to be the same, the focus will shift towards skills and apprentice training, as opposed to university funding and grants.    Universities have already seen funding cuts in the last two years.

“Premier Christy Clark said earlier this year that she does not like to see students collecting degrees that will not lead to employment. “That’s a significant human loss,” she told reporters in February. “So I think we should be making sure we are providing programming in our postsecondary institutions that provides people, young and old, with the promise and prospect of prosperity when they graduate.””

Shortage of skilled workers in BC (particularly in the pipeline, mining, resource sector)  has led to the import of foreign workers while local residents have unemployment problems.  This new training program will help Canadians who are willing to work be able to find work and live where they want to live.

While businesses are crying for help in terms of manpower shortage, there are many young people, especially college graduates in Liberal Arts who cannot find employment.  This is a clear mismatch of manpower and labour needs.  The new Skills training program should address this problem and leads to a workforce ready to meet the BC expansion needs especially in the resource sector.  Read the rest of the article about BC’s Skills training Program by clicking here.

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