Business idea #2 – A Personal Chef Mobile Service

Personal chefs service offers an alternative to frozen foods, fast foods and restaurant foods.  Well-trained personal chefs customize nutritious meals according to the health requirements of their clients and prepare foods at the clients’ home.  The chef would do the all the food shopping, preparation, cooking including clean up.  Multiple meals will be prepared for an entire week, freeing the working professionals, family or the elderly from the chores of cooking.

Clients can choose whether they want a one-time service eg. New moms or recovering patients returning from the hospital, special dinner parties or events, or a regular weekly service for busy professionals or elderly boomers.

Personal chefs used to be reserved only for celebrities and high income earners, but today, more and more working professionals are using the services of personal chefs on an part-time on-call or regular basis.

When it comes to setting up your personal chef business there are a number of different things that you can do.  Be sure to visit the  Canadian Personal Chef Association or  the  United States Personal Chef Association websites depending on where you live.  The sites provide information on how to obtain training materials from the Culinary Business Academy.

To be truly successful, a personal chef also needs to learn the marketing, operational and financial skills  in running a business.

A mobile van is not necessary to run a Personal Chef Service, however, a van with signage can prove a very powerful advertising tool.

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