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How to Sell a Lobster

With so many business books in the bookstore, it can be a chore to pick something to buy or borrow from the library.  Here is one that is a self-help book but reads like fiction – hilarious and fun. Great way to spend an evening.   Tips that can make you a better marketer.

This book was recommended to me by a budding photographer, who found the book very useful, practical and easy to read. I tried to borrow the book from him, but he wouldn’t part with it. He explained the book for me in very simple terms. Billy Bishop, the author worked as a waiter in a previous life, and the story centered on how he won the  lobster sales contest.  Lobster is traditionally the slowest moving menu item. Through ingenuous thinking, Billy managed to sell 1400 lobsters and won the contest. You’ll have to read the book and find out how. The same principle can be used to sell other items. So, here is the official description for the book:

Looking for new ways to have fun and make more money? Searching for innovative new ventures or ways to accelerate your current business? Based on more than three decades of experience, Bill Bishop takes you on a hilarious and insightful adventure across an often weird but wonderful business landscape. Learn the special technique Bishop used to win a waitering contest by selling more than 1,400 lobsters. Discover how to get a new venture started by overcoming First Member Trap, and how to sell more and increase your profit margins by using The Three Boxes. Learn how to develop stronger business relationships and discover how to develop The Big Idea, which will get more people interested in your company.From entrepreneurs looking for inspiration to business people looking to kick-start new ideas, How to Sell a Lobster will change the way you think about business.

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