Coco Cookies brings the tropics to you

I have the pleasure to meet Ramon Varela, the owner/operator of AGA Foods, a food confectionery business in Coquitlam, BC that manufactures Coconut cookies in two variations, with brown or white sugar.

The company’s tag line is “Coco cookies bring the taste of the tropics to your mouth”.    And this proves true.  The taste and the smell of roasted coconut flakes, soft and chewy can really transport your imagination to the imagery of  a tropical beach, the sand under your feet, the heat of the sun, the sound of the ocean, the smell of the sea, and the taste of COCONUT. – All that for less than $1.50 a piece.

This is exactly the experience that Ramon Varela, a Canadian immigrant entrepreneur wants you to experience.  He and his wife, a nutritionist operates AGA Foods, manufacturer of COCO cookies and other delightful treats.

Ramon Varela is an industrial engineer by training.  Seven years after he immigrated to Canada, Ramon enrolled in the Douglas College Self Employment program where he learned sales, marketing and the financial skills necessary to run his business.   Starting a new business from ground zero is not for the faint of heart.  It takes courage, vision and hard work.   Ramon and his wife, Gladys find the task challenging, but they are not afraid of hard work.

What makes COCO so special is that it is wheat free, dairy free, kosher, and consist of all natural ingredients.  This is good news for many Canadians who have food allergies.

The company being new, still has no official website.  It is in the works, along with a planned online store that allows loyal customers to order online, for party, celebration and company events.

It is Ramon’s vision to bring COCO cookies to every corner and neighbourhood stores in all of CANADA.  So far, he is warmly received and had absolutely no difficulty getting orders.  Canadians love COCO’s cookies.

What about the secret recipe?  Ramon Varela is guarded about the recipe, which has been handed down from generations within the family.  It takes the right combination to make COCO soft and chewy and not brittle.    For more information about AGA Foods, click here.

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