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Business idea #1 – A mobile pet hospital or veterinary clinic

According to Statistics Canada, 2.8 million Canadians are self-employed or in their own business.  That constitute about 14.7% of Canadian’s total working population.

So, we decided it would be timely to feature some start-up business ideas in this blog.   Our aim is to feature 100 ideas and this first blog idea is a mobile pet hospital or veterinarian clinic.  Here is an example of a Pet Hospital that has been travelling up and down the Sunshine Coast of Vancouver, Canada.   A customized van is fully equipped to handle your pet’s health care needs.  Services can include vaccinations, examinations, surgery, and laboratory workups all at your home or business.  Dentistry and Dental X-rays can be done right at client’s home using the safest reversible anesthesia available. Your pet will wake up very quickly after the procedure is complete.

Understandably, not everyone can easily set up a pet hospital, but the same concept can be used for mobile hairdressser, mobile optical clinic, mobile signmaking, mobile coffee cart, mobile catering service.

Start-up businesses usually are tight with cash flow and do not have much money for marketing and overheads.  This mobile concept reduces overhead costs thereby making the business lean and nimble.

I saw this mobile clinic on my trip to Gibsons, which is only half an hour away by ferry from Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver.  I was so impressed with the ingenuity of this travelling clinic, so I took a photograph and decided to feature this on my blog.  (If you were ever curious, this is not a paid advertisement).

There are several advantages of having one’s pet cared for at your home, most importantly convenience, no waiting time and no pet accidents.  In small rural areas, there may be no clinics nearby, so an on-call mobile clinic can be convenient for both the veterinarian and the client.

We will be coming up with more business start-up ideas.  So stay tuned!!!
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