How to Start a Day Care Business

There has been a dramatic increase in working mothers since the last 30 years. In 2006, 73% of all Canadian women with children less than age 16 living at home were part of the employed workforce, up from 39% in 1976.

This means that more mothers are looking for help with child care in all forms, whether it is full day care, drop-in day care, after school day-care, or extended hours day-care. This led to the increase of day care centers throughout Canada.

Canada Revenue Agency provides tax relief to working parents in the form of tax deductions for child care expenses that are incurred in order to work, carry on a business or undertake certain educational activities. See IT495R3.

All these factors contribute to the demand and the rise of day care businesses throughout Canada.

For those who are interested in running a day care business, we recommend the following books:
1. The Day Care Starter Kit – This e-book provide step-by-step guide on how to run a day care business and includes 40 forms, worksheets and procedures such as:
*Childcare Agreement and Registration Forms
*Policies and Procedures
*Daycare Safety Checklist and Safety Quiz
*Emergency Authorization/Contact Information
*Medication Permission Forms
*Injury and Incident Reports
*Weekly Menus
*Payment Receipts
*Late Payment Notices
*Sample Evacuation Plan
*Child Pickup Authorization
*And over 30 more worksheets, forms, and letters!

2. Day Care Start-up Kit - is another worthwhile reference book. It includes tips on writing a business plan, a set of professionally designed Daycare Forms Series that are ready to print. These include registration forms, medications, allergies, special needs, menu planning, interview guides and more.

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